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NEXTalks 2020: Renick Bell

NEXTalks 2020: Renick Bell


Renick Bell







Can the openness of live coding be a response to our society increasingly steeped in algorithms? Renick Bell stood at the birth of algorave and is one of its chief emissaries – by no coincidence, Resident Advisor have dubbed him the Algorave Kingpin. In his artistic practice, he places equal emphasis on live performance and research connected with writing his own software. Bell’s generative bass-heavy music is replete with percussive sounds, cracks and noise, but audiences can also savour the visual aspect of his coding mastery. Gaze at the trickling lines of code from the comfort of your home and briefly extricate yourself from the musical ambience dictated by streaming service algorithms. Each performance is a unique improvisation, unknown in advance even to Bell.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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