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Rethinking Communities

Rethinking Communities

By Jodi Rose


Jodi Rose





Tatiana Bazzichelli and Lieke Ploeger of Disruption Network Lab explain how their vision of ‘examining the intersection of politics, technology, and society, to expose the misconduct and wrongdoing of the powerful’, is achieved through bringing together communities of trust in highly focused conferences and meet-ups. In this interview with Jodi Rose they also discuss the strategies they use to organise and curate community events, and reflect on how these could be adapted and used to bring about change worldwide.

This article is part of the Re-Imagine Europe publication. The publication collects articles, essays, interviews and reports about audience engagement for interdisciplinary arts organisations. It aims to share knowledge gained throughout the Re-Imagine Europe project with professionals in the cultural sector who would like to gain a deeper insight in audience development and capacity building.

Photo Nadine Nelken


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