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Modular synthesis Workshops with VCV Rack


Ondřej Spiritza




Bratislava (SK)



Three-part workshop Modular synthesis with VCV Rack with Ondřej Spiritz A video from the three-part practical workshop for electronic audio enthusiasts – Modular Synthesis with VCV Rack.

The freely available VCV Rack program is gaining more and more fans who are attracted to music by popular modular synthesizers. The advantages of the software version include, in addition to the price, virtually infinite flexibility, in which you can let your sound fantasies pass freely.

Under the supervision of Ondřej Spiritza, the participants got acquainted with the basics of creating and processing sound using oscillators, simple filters, sequencers, or LFO and its use in various genres. As part of the Re-Imagine Europe international cooperation project, co-financed by the EU Creative Europe Program and supported by public funds from the Art Support Fund.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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