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What, of Art, Belongs to the Present?

What, of Art, Belongs to the Present?


Rick Dolphijn


Sonic Acts





All too often, art is captured by objects (the realities of the present), but it does not want that (it has different desires). Objects as social entities (things that circulate/are being circulated) are created by those in power, which is all too often produced, in favour of the status quo, as a means to slow down history and social change.

From the totem to money and to all of the desirables that keep the capitalist machines at work today, the aim of the object or the thing is to secure the organisation of society – to keep the hierarchies intact (money flowing in the right direction). Objects (realities of the present), in summary, are all too often obstacles for art. In the research lab that is established for this occasion, Rick Dolphijn and Sonic Acts Academy explore how art comes to matter – how it occupies, intervenes in, or deterritorialises objects, resisting the realities of the present.

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