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Light+ Collective Imaginings podcast series with Jamila Prowse








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Jamila Prowse leads a series of conversations with young and emerging artists, curators and arts professionals, all of whom face specific barriers to accessing the arts. The series consider how these cultural contributors work to break down barriers to the arts through their own work, as well as the strategies and support systems they have personally developed for surviving in the arts.

Following on from the work of Eva Rowson, the series act as a resource tool for independent artists and curators, as well as people considering a career in the arts, around how to make things work, challenges one might face, and how to maintain a practice in the face of adversity.

In light of COVID-19, the series brings together dialogues around the wider precariousness of the arts, and thinks through how and whether artists and arts practitioners are continuing to make work and make ends meet in these increasingly uncertain times.

Episode One (27 January) – Jamila speaks to cultural workers about their experiences of navigating the sector, and their imaginings for the future of the arts. Jamila speaks to Lucy Lopez and Rachel Noel about everything from creating communities, to informal meeting spaces, art-world-burnout and carving out space for ourselves and one another.

Episode Two (10 February) – In conversation with Jemma Desai, join the discussion about their experiences of navigating hostile and inhospitable institutions, and ways we have found to protect our imaginations and resist capitalist productivity.

Episode Three (24 February) – Joined by Deborah Joyce Holman and Rabz Lansiquot, both of whom continue to hold space, build communities and nurture the many people around them through their work as curators and artists. A discussion about collectivising, care and the limits of representation.

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