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Bias Loop


Nina Pixel


Sonic Acts


Amsterdam (NL) and Bratislava (SK)


Sound Performance

Bias Loop is a sonic poem about reconnecting with the self. It is about looking into the eyes of our monsters and getting out of the loop of personal biases. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.

Nina Pixel, the artist behind the mysteriously-titled project Black Acid, tells stories that go beyond a mere amalgam of ritual rhythms looped in endless sonic soundscapes and dirty dark techno. Often drawing on her own experience, emotions, feelings mixed with recordings, trashed instruments she cannot play, other instruments she cannot play correctly or in a traditional way, her work aims to demonstrate the organic beauty of an imperfect life. Her performances balance between live acts and DJing, sampling, looping and feeling, and are often based on different topics as the main leitmotif for each set.

A4 and Sonic Acts have commissioned Nina Pixel to develop new sound work to be played on ‘The Pentacle’ sound system. ‘The Pentacle’ is a powerful high fidelity mobile speaker system, developed at STEIM in Amsterdam by Fedde ten Berge and Jesse Meijer, consisting of 15 self-designed loudspeakers and 3 self-designed subwoofers. Nina Pixel performs her new work on The Pentacle sound system during one evening at the NEXT 2018 Festival at A4 in Bratislava after a residency period at STEIM in Amsterdam (organized by Sonic Acts) on 7 to 12 November 2019, and at Sonic Acts Festival 2019.

Nina Pixel – Bias Loop ( at Sonic Acts Festival 2019 – HEREAFTER)
Footage by Lars Berg and FridayMilk.


Sonic Acts Festival 2019
22 February 2019
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

NEXT Festival
28 November 2018
Bratislava, Slovakia

Photo Pieter Kers

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