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Son[i]a #291: Irit Rogoff


Irit Rogoff


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In this podcast, Irit Rogoff explores and develops new models of research, action, and education that are activated where artistic practices meet philosophies and politics. As such, knowledge production expands beyond the boundaries of academia – whether it be universities, museums, or art schools – and merges with activism, social movements, and self-managed initiatives.

In this podcast Irit Rogoff talks about ways of creating participatory, creative, and cognitive alliances that allow us to critically inhabit contemporaneity. She also calls for the need to devise processes of unlearning, inside and outside the academy, that will pave the way to new and unexpected kinds of knowledge. Rogoff defends the importance of the long-term research process that are made possible by universities, in contrast to the neoliberal maelstrom of immediate impact and results. And she argues for the need to create a new, constantly evolving vocabulary that allows us to name and talk about these new research models.

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