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Toni Meštrović – Resonance of Sound


Toni Meštrović




Zagreb (HR)


Spatial sound installation

Toni Meštrović’s Resonance of Sound is a 14-channel spatial sound installation that was realised over a seven-day process of experimentation inside the Grič Tunnel in Zagreb. Owing to its acoustic characteristics, the space of the tunnel became a resonant tube in which the work was showcased. The project was developed in collaboration with SuperCollider software programmer Hannes Hölzl, electroacoustics engineer Miodrag Gladović, musicologist Davorka Begović, and KONTEJNER curators Ena Hodžić and Tereza Teklić, and was commissioned and produced by KABEL in association with KONTEJNER in June 2021.

Photo Damir Žižić

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