Simona Rakuša

Simona Rakuša is working in the field of coaching, mentoring and facilitation supporting individuals and organizations in their processes of personal and professional transformation. As a coach and mentor, she supports teams in implementing and developing coaching and mentoring culture in their organisations.

She is certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, co-facilitating Holotropic Breathwork workshops with teams in Slovenia, Croatia and Germany. As a facilitator, she is also supporting individuals and groups in their processes of integration of difficult experiences in non-ordinary states of consciousness. She is part of the core team of MIND Foundation’s BEYOND EXPERIENCE program.

Her work and curiosity about non-ordinary states of consciousness evolve around breathwork. She is passionate about Holotropic Breathwork as one of the most profound ways of growth and transformation that enabled her to build a deeper connection to herself, her creative potentials and inner strength to support others in their processes of self-exploration and healing. In her free time, she is a passionate singer, traveller, and yoga practitioner.



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