AAA Cargo: Notes from the Undercurrent

by 24 February 2018

AAA Cargo: Notes from the Undercurrent

By Solveig Suess (UK)


Solveig Suess (UK)


Sonic Acts




Video / Lecture

The planetary-scale ambitions of the New Silk Road are drawing new geometries across vast regions between China and Europe.

Mapping these constellations through footage, interviews, field recordings, and found WeChat videos, this lecture-performance features excerpts from Solveig Suess’s recent documentary AAA Cargo (2017). While the New Silk Road imaginary evokes a liquid and mobile world of commodity exchange, following fissures along these distribution networks, AAA Cargo encounters political infrastructures generating closures as much as openings, stasis as much as flow. This symposium is part of Sonic Acts Academy 2018.

Photo: Pieter Kers

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