Son[i]a #296: Nora Sternfeld

by 17 October 2019

Son[i]a #296: Nora Sternfeld


Nora Sternfeld


Ràdio Web MACBA





In this podcast, Nora Sternfeld problematises the educational turn and talks about the crisis of the museum model, radical pedagogy, emancipatory practices and alliances, para-institutions, unlearning strategies and collective knowledge projected into the future.

From an extremely critical point of view at the intersection of art and politics, curator and educator Nora Sternfeld constantly breaks the fourth wall of research and curating, shining a light on terms such as “exhibition”, “gallery”, “representation”, “museum”, and “collectivity”, always looking for cracks and hidden connections.

In this podcast, Nora Sternfeld starts by putting forward a few ideas that can help us understand the crisis of the museum as institution, “as it happened”, from construction to eventual collapse. She talks about the crisis of the museum model, but also its origins and its relationship to the neoliberal machine that it forms part of, as welll as some attempts to overturn its endemic problems.

From there, Ràdio Web MACBA talk to Nora about education, power, historical narratives, para-institutions, “unlearning” strategies, and collective knowledge projected into the future: “How can we learn something that doesn’t exist yet? It is not possible that one person will know something that does not exist yet, it’s a contradiction in itself. But, together, each of us, has a bit of a knowledge of something that doesn’t exist yet. So if we bring these imaginations together we can build on a possible imagination that can grow stronger and stronger. In this sense I think that learning cannot be imagined without collectivity. We learn together.”

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