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Factory of Sound Workshop


Factory of Sound Workshop



[Started 02.04.2019]




Zagreb (HR)


Nenad Sinkauz, Nenad Kovačić


Factory of Sound is a weekly workshop of electronic and improvised music for kids between 8 and 11 years old spanning over three months. The group is composed of ten kids and is led by electronic musician, composer and teacher Nenad Sinkauz and percussionist, composer and teacher Nenad Kovačić.

This educational project presents the musicians of the future with microphones, effects, synthesizers and more, teaching them the art of improvisation through the use of their own voice, body and the audio equipment. Inside the Factory of the Sound, music is produced with the use of different objects, effects, live sampling, voice modulation, body percussion, but above all, through playing. This play allows the junior improvisation ensemble to reach a certain kind of instant composition at the level appropriate to their age, perception, and knowledge about music.

KONTEJNER’s kids workshop was taking place once a week at the Mesnička Cultural Centre in Zagreb, and culminated in a public concert of the junior ensemble on 7 June 2019.

Photo Silvija Dogan

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