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Bergen Kunsthall invites you to a workshop with the artist and filmmaker Petra Bauer, exploring filmmaking as a political practice and investigating strategies of feminist organising.

Through sharing and questioning, discussing and watching, the workshop will collectively address key questions about the struggles we fight, the alliances we build and the power structures to be dismantled and replaced. For this afternoon-long event, Bauer’s films and projects will act as a point of departure for the conversations: the film “Sisters!” and the collaboration with Southall Black Sisters, film “Workers!” and the collaboration with Scot-pep, and k.ö.k (Kvinnor könskar kollektivitet – Women Desire Collectivity).

Inspired by the format of Women ́s Workshops, organized by the cultural critic, writer and lesbian icon Jill Johnston in The Evergreen State College in 1974 , where only women could participate, Petra Bauer’s workshop will focus on contemporary artistic practices and current realities of the women ́s movement, and will only be open to those who identify as struggling against the patriarchy, and/or the hetero-normative and colonial power systems it represents.

One of Sweden’s most prominent artists, Petra Bauer has for a long time been unfolding the powerful legacies but also realities of the feminist movements through her interest in the medium of film as a political tool that can be used to challenge contemporary social and political events and processes. She is an artist, filmmaker and professor of art at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

Please send an email to to sign up for the workshop.

Date | 8 June 2019
Time | 15.00
Location | Bergen Kunsthall (NO)

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