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Light+ Season 3: Who’s Doing The Washing Up? Episode 2


Anton Kats, Maia Urstad






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Artists Maia Urstad and Anton Kats share their collaborative project MAKU, and how they explore different ways of working with radio as tools for communication, programming and listening. They reflect on their research into radio practices in Brighton, including youth-led radio station Platform B, the Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society and Patrick Murphy of the Blind Veterans UK Amateur Radio Society.

Platform B is Brighton’s first youth-led radio station broadcasting online since 2016 and on 105.5 FM and DAB across the City since October 2018. It is programmed and directed by a new wave of DJs, producers and presenters who are re-imagining and diversifying the medium with an eclectic mix of music and youth programming. Their studio is in the Green Door Store, a music venue underneath Brighton Station. Sue Davis and Kim Newland are part of the Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society.

Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society is a group of local radio amateurs who meet weekly in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. As well as hosting weekly communication sessions from their radio shack and regular events on different radio practices, the Society runs short courses to teach techniques required to obtain an Amateur Radio licence.

Photo Courtesy of the organisation

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