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Son[i]a #268: Jodi Dean

Son[i]a #268: Jodi Dean


Jodi Dean


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For years, the work of Jodi Dean has been activating debates in academia and activism, combining tools from the fields of political philosophy, feminism, and psychoanalysis. Dean describes a social landscape mediated by technology in which we vote and share huge amounts of arguments and opinions, while at the same time our capacity to change political structures has come to a grinding halt.

In the podcast Jodi Dean talks about communism as a still-latent project, about the Party as a scalable global form, about dystopian municipalism, anamorphic ecologies, and liberal democracies, about Not An Alternative and Liberate Tate as examples of sustainable activism practices at museums, about desires, enthusiasm, and trust, about the emotions captured inside social media, and about how to squash the impulse to constantly make up new names for everything.

Photo Tomislav Madak

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