Atte Elias Kantonen – Karvagraffiti Siellä Kelopuun Keskiruumiin Paikkeilla

Atte Elias Kantonen – Karvagraffiti Siellä Kelopuun Keskiruumiin Paikkeilla

Commissioned by

Photo credits Spatial Sound Platform Opening, Zone2Source, Sonic Acts Biennial 2024. Photo by Bora Sekerci.

Translating to ‘a hair graffiti there on the thorax of the dead wood’, this composition is a sonic speculation that captures the tactile act of tree-hugging. In Finnish, the term ‘kelo’ refers to a pine snag or dead wood that remains standing still and upright for centuries, providing a habitat for various invertebrates and organisms.

Karvagraffiti Siellä Kelopuun Keskiruumiin Paikkeilla was commissioned by Sonic Acts for the Spatial Sound Platform, presented during The Listening Room at Zone2Source in 2024.

A Helsinki-based sound designer and composer, Atte Elias Kantonen works in the fields of experimental music and performing arts.

Within his practice, Kantonen explores the potential of elastic synthesis and extremely processed sound as vessels for abstract, phantasmagorical storytelling. Building emotionally sonorous dioramas, he creates compositions where the serene and the discordant constantly fold in on each other. He has released on labels such as SODA GONG, mappa, and SUPERPANG, among others.

Sonic Acts Biennial 2024
4 February – 10 March, 2024
Zone2Source &

Amsterdam (NL)