Boris Shershenkov – AudioPuller

Boris Shershenkov – AudioPuller

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Photo credits Courtesy of the Artist

Inspired by TapePuller, an analogue electronic instrument and performance technique invented and used by Michel Waisvisz around 1970, AudioPuller is an experimental musical instrument that harnesses the tangibility of analogue recording media. By gesturally manipulating time and acoustic space through the tactile surface of the tape, AudioPuller is crafted for both solo and collaborative live sound performances, rooted in found sounds, acousmatic compositions, and other pre-recorded audio materials.

The instrument has a modular structure and works with different types of hand gestures, which can be observed in an archival photo of TapePuller as well as in other documentation of Waisvisz’ performances. These modules can be recombined for various contexts and function as an ensemble instrument, accommodating one single tape loop or a combination of several.

Introduced by Shershenkov, AudioPuller will be showcased during the talks and then used during the collective performance. He developed the instrument using a single image from the Michel Waisvisz archive as a creative prompt.

Commissioned by Sonic Acts and Tarek Atoui. Developed in collaboration with Tarek Atoui (2024)
Presented at Sonic Acts Biennial 2024

This work is available for touring!
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