Christina Kubisch – Electrical Walks (No. 74)

Christina Kubisch – Electrical Walks (No. 74)

Commissioned by

Photo Christina Kubisch / Pieter Kers

In 2003, Christina Kubisch started a series of works in public space that trace the electro-magnetic fields of urban environments in the form of city walks.

Electrical Walks is a work in progress. It is a public walk with special sensitive wireless headphones by which the acoustic qualities of electromagnetic fields become amplified and audible. Kubisch’s Electrical Walks Amsterdam enables a new experience of the city, one that uncovers Amsterdam’s hidden electromagnetic phenomena. Armed with special headphones and a map marked with magnetic landmarks, the visitors are offered an auditory adventure that shifts perception of everyday reality by giving substance to invisible wavelengths and charges.

Christina Kubisch – Electrical Walks (No. 74) was commissioned by Sonic Acts.

At the exhibition opening of Sonic Acts Festival 2019 on 16 February, Christina Kubisch gave the first guided, one-hour long tour of Electrical Walks No. 74 (Amsterdam) to a small group of people. 

Amsterdam (NL)