Elvin Brandhi x Ziúr – Collaborative Live Show

Elvin Brandhi x Ziúr live show

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Photo credits Thor Brødreskift

Borealis gives space and time to Elvin Brandhi and Ziúr to develop their opposing musical ideas in to a live performance format. Coming from wildly different musical backgrounds, Elvin from a resolutely DIY, low fi improvised electronics background, and Ziúr from a hi tech contemporary EDM background, they come together through a punk aesthetic. Their collaboration will be about teaching the other, bringing skills across the lowfi/hitech divide. They will be bringing the freedom of noise/ improv in to a club setting, and queering the rigidity of the club format, bringing new perspectives in to the world of EDM. From the notion of embodied performance, and whose bodies are accepted and how, to the notion of danceability and how far can the envelope be corrupted away from the normativity of commercial music is key here. Two young artists, breaking new ground, and developing a visceral performance practice that screams embodiment of their lived experiences, and questions the shape and future of electronic music.

Fusing free-spirited vocal acrobatics with punk electronics from the dimly-lit heart of Berlin, Ziúr & Elvin Brandhi are debuted their brand new soundsystem destroying live collaboration at Bergen Kunsthall. After a week writing new material in Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden, they’ve had another week to refine their live show in residence at BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts. Attacking dancefloor traditionalism with unwieldy compositions that juxtapose precarious rhythms with guttural shrieks, they’re creating a vital new language that’s truly without borders.

Bergen (NO)