Geneva Skeen – The Wall

Geneva Skeen – The Wall

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The Wall is a sound piece reflecting a new chapter of Geneva Skeen’s ongoing research into powerful leeside mountain winds. From the howling Santa Anas in Southern California to Chinook of the Rocky Mountains, Skeen traces momentous weather patterns across vast landscapes. This specific composition captures the blistering sound of the Alpine foehn.

Influenced by écriture féminine, alchemical metaphors, and a range of musical traditions ranging from holy mysticism to industrial, Geneva Skeen works with sound, voice, architecture, video, sculpture, and software.

The Wall was commissioned by Sonic Acts for the Spatial Sound Platform, presented during The Listening Room at Zone2Source in 2024.

Sonic Acts Biennial 2024
4 February – 10 March, 2024
Zone2Source &

Amsterdam (NL)