Görkem Arikan – Wirwarp

Görkem Arikan – Wirwarp

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Photo credits Courtesy of the Artist

Drawing inspiration from Michel Waisvisz’ distinctive approach to sonic interactions and musical expression, Wirwarp is an instument incorporating conductive rubber cord stretch sensors. These sensors create a dynamic mesh on a wooden frame, providing a touch canvas for sonic exploration through the manipulation of tension dynamics. Playing the instrument involves warping and tangling the mesh – pulling the cords, pushing the nodes, and adjusting the frame’s angle with movable hinges.

The design of Wirwarp is premised on Waisvisz’ Belly Web, an invention constructed from a small web and played using intuitive finger movements. Suited for controlling timbral sound structures and live manipulation of computer-generated images, Belly Web was created by Waisvisz in collaboration with Jorgen Brinkman from STEIM.

Wirwarp will be introduced by the artist and played during the collective performance.

  • Artistic Director: Görkem Arıkan
  • Sound Designer: Joris Takken
  • Interface Designer: Lucas Vonk
  • Electronics, Sound Designer: Rahsaan Bleijs
  • Interface Designer, Sound Designer: Roman Willems
  • Advisory Board: Floortje Smehuijzen & Temo Gonzalez

Premiered at Sonic Acts Biennial 2024

This work is available for touring.
Contact for presentations: info@sonicacts.com