Kassel Jaeger + Eléonore Huisse – Shifted in Dreams Audiovisual Show

Kassel Jaeger + Eléonore Huisse – Shifted in Dreams Audiovisual Show

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Photo credits Eléonore Huisse

French composer Kassel Jaeger and French cinematographer Eléonore Huisse present the world premiere of their audiovisual collaboration.

François J. Bonnet returns to the Semibreve festival as Kassel Jaeger — his often used work alias — challenged to present his latest, “Shifted In Dreams”, in an expanded and audio-visual version, like the soundtrack of a premiering film.

He called it, quite a propos, “Shifted in Dreams – Redreamed”, as evidence of the multiplicity and flexibility of the original work, with the composition having had as its north star the tradition of concrete music that François J. Bonnet knows, understands, and takes part in so well. For the big screen in Theatro Circo, the musician has invited Eléonore Huisse, creator of the visual image of the record release of “Shifted In Dreams” on Shelter Press, and author of the celebrated documentary “Eliane Radigue – Echos”.

Commissioned by Semibreve in collaboration with Sonic Acts (2023)
World premiere – Semibreve festival (2023)
Further presentations: Sonic Acts Biennial 2024

Braga (PT)