Astrida Neimanis – Weathering Together Workshop at Sonic Acts Biennial 2024

Astrida Neimanis – Weathering Together Workshop at Sonic Acts Biennial 2024

22 Feb 2024
Amsterdam (NL)

Astrida Neimanis presents a more-than-meteorological workshop Weathering Together, connecting the sensory experience with disrupted weather patterns. The workshop takes place during Sonic Acts Biennial 2024.

The weather is always more-than-meteorological; weather can connect us through a shared experience; weather can move us, figuratively and literally. The weather is an affective, sensory, felt experience, an atmosphere structured by systems of power, and a durational force that implicates all bodies, differently, in the changing climate. As these changes become more apparent, many of us are faced with similar questions provoked by these meteorological motions.

This workshop will draw on a decade of practice-led experiments initiated within the Weathering Collective to consider how attention to these weathers can guide us in a meaningful redistribution of shelter and vulnerability in stormy times. We will try out various experiments to feel, record and forecast the weather, after which we will collectively generate a zine-style short-form publication or Weathering Report, to be distributed afterwards to all attendees of this session.

A key figure in the environmental humanities, Neimanis’ formative book Bodies of Water: Posthuman Feminist Phenomenology (2017) is a study of the cultural and philosophical implications of water – the element that most intimately ties humans to their surroundings – recognising our bodies as being fundamentally part of the natural world.