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The Factory of Sound

The Factory of Sound

By Karolina Rugle


Nenad Sinkauz, Nenad Kovačić





Factory of Sound is an educational programme by KONTEJNER (HR) for the youngest musicians of the future. The project is led by electronic musician, composer and teacher Nenad Sinkauz, together with percussionist, composer and teacher Nenad Kovačić. The children learn how to improvise through using their own voices and bodies, and audio equipment like microphones, effects, synthesizers and other devices. They produce music with these devices, as well as with live sampling, voice modulation, and body percussion, but above all, by playing together. This allows the junior improvisation ensemble to perform ‘instant compositions’ at a level appropriate to their age, perception, and knowledge of music.

This article is part of a publication on audience development and capacity building within culture as part of the Re-Imagine Europe project. The publication collects articles, essays, interviews and reports about audience engagement for interdisciplinary arts organisations at the intersection of art, music, technology, science and society. It aims to share the knowledge gained throughout the project with professional in the cultural sector who would like to gain a deeper insight in audience development.

Editors: Arie Altena & Annette Wolfsberger
Author: Karolina Rugle
Contributors:  Davorka Begović & Nenad Sinkauz
Photos: Silvija Dogan
Design: The Rodina
Publisher:  Paradiso Press

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