Dora Fodor – Echo


a sonic tale

Commissioned by

Photo Damir Žižić

”Once, just now and always anew, Voice was released into a space, resonating and repeating itself into infinity. Its repetition summoned Echo, a mythological creature endowed with many virtues and flaws. In the moment of their encounter, Echo took Voice on a journey of discovery, transformation and acceptance. On this journey, they lit up all the worlds and time and their languages and bodies. At the height of the journey, Voice once again encountered itself. It is the absolute, it is Echo.”

Multi-channel composition Echo is the result of participation in KONTEJNER’s educational programmes – the workshop and guided work in a multi-channel studio under the mentorship of electroacoustics engineer and artist Miodrag Gladović.

Commissioned in 2021.




Zagreb (CR)

Commissioned by