Farzané & Arash Akbari – Embedded / Embodied

Farzané & Arash Akbari – Embedded / Embodied

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Photo credit – Bora Sekerci  

The octophonic interactive sound installation Embedded / Embodied explores acoustemology through the lens of a situated A.I. system. It studies how an artificial improviser gains embodied knowledge through sonic interactions with its environment. The A.I. agent captures and processes sounds from its surroundings, generating responses that shape its understanding and consequently the sonic environment. These interactions result in emergent musical behaviours, offering new possibilities for multidimensional auditory engagement and acoustemological exploration.

Embedded / Embodied is constructed out of several microphones placed in Amstelpark, from where sounds are processed and engaged with by the A.I. agent. You can interact with the installation through an iPad available at the entrance of Zone2Source

Co-commissioned by Sonic Acts & Het HEM (2024)
Presented during Sonic Acts 2024 Biennial

This work is available for touring!
Contact for Presentations: info@sonicacts.com