Sonic Acts 2024 Biennial

Sonic Acts 2024 Biennial

02 Feb – 24 Mar 2024
Amsterdam (NL)

Celebrating 30 years of Sonic Acts, the anniversary edition of the Sonic Acts Biennial is taking place
between 2 February and 24 March 2024.

The 2024 edition focuses on spectacular, multi-sensory cultural practices responding to the climate emergency, global geopolitics, and the intangible. With more than 50 live events in 15 locations across Amsterdam and hybridly, the lineup features pioneering international artists, musicians, filmmakers, thinkers, and creatives who tune into different ways of sensing and inhabiting our collective environments.

Check out the entire programme on the 2024 Biennial website.

Activities realised in the frameworks of Re-Imagine Europe include world premieres, presentations, performances and workshops:

Searching for reflections in the toxic field of plenty – installation by Lukas Marxt
Embedded/Embodied – installation by Farzané & Arash Akbari
Diptych – composition by Sarah Davachi
Diptych- instrument by Lucas De Clerk of Ï Î
Distortion Product Lattice – sound installation by Marcin Pietruszewski
Spatial Design by Theresa Baumgartner
CADÁVER EXQUISITO #4 – kinetic site specific performance by Hugo Esquinca & Russel Haswell
Launch of the Spatial Sound Platform, presented by Ji Youn Kang
Moving Ice, film by Susan Schuppli
Mourning Waters, workshop hosted by Maragarida Mendes
The Muddy Muddy Mystery Tour – workshop with Cocky Eek
KOLO – composition by Anna Khvyl
Karvagraffiti Siellä Kelopuun Keskiruumiin Paikkeilla – composition by Atte Elias Kantonen
The Wall – composition by Geneva Skeen

Part of Michel Waisvisz project:
Under Scores: Masterclass hosted by Tarek Atoui
Within, workshop hosted by Tarek Atoui (collaboration with Kentalis)
Touched by Sound, workshop hosted by Tarek Atoui (collaboration with De Appel)
AudioPuller – instrument by Boris Shershenkov
Wirwarp – instrument by Görkem Arikan

02 Feb – 24 Mar 2024
Amsterdam (NL)
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