Michel Waisvisz’s Project at Sonic Acts Biennial 2024

Michel Waisvisz’s Project at Sonic Acts Biennial 2024

Sonic Acts presents a range of activities surrounding the oeuvre of the legendary composer, instrument inventor and performer Michel Waisvisz (1949–2008).

Visit BIMHUIS Amsterdam on March 3 2024 for an evening consisting of a concert, talks and presentations celebrating his legacy.

The concert is animating Michel Waisvisz’ work and ideas through sound through a collective performance based on sampling, circuit bending and improvisation. The performing musicians have practices that speak to Waisvisz’ revolutionary ideas. Engaging with the new and re-edited instruments, such as the world-famous touch-sensitive Crackle Synth / Kraakdoos as well as their own instruments, they explore the late artist’s resonance within the unpredictable and fluid present.

The concert features several unique and new custom-designed instruments, such as Wirwarp and AudioPuller.

Michel Waisvisz Project: Touched by Sound 

The programme includes workshops, talks, presentations, newly commissioned instruments and re-editions of Waisvisz’ innovations and a concert at BIMHUIS Amsterdam on March 3 2024.

Together with Kristina Andersen and Sonic Acts, artist and composer Tarek Atoui explores Waisvisz’ archives as a catalyst for new forms of experimentation. The historical materials are positioned in dialogue with an emerging generation of artists and former collaborators, to be transformed in the present.

Michel Waisvisz was a pioneer of technological art, electronic sound art, and performance, and a pivotal figure in Amsterdam’s experimental music scene as well as in the wider (inter)national community.

From the moment digital technology became available, he constructed experimental instruments and software activated by bodily movements. His works including The Hands (1984), twin MIDI controllers that can be attached to the player’s palms, the Crackle Box (1974) and Crackle Synth (1974), both pressure-sensitive, touchable devices, garnered him international acclaim. His influence only increased after becoming the artistic director of STEIM, the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music in Amsterdam. Many of his innovations have served as models for contemporary artists, musicians to this day.

Learn more about the programme surrounding the oeuvre of Michel Waisvisz here.

08 Feb 2024
Amsterdam (NL)
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