Warping Spatial Narratives – Spatial Design Workshop

Warping Spatial Narratives – Spatial Design Workshop

29 Jan – 24 Feb 2024
Amsterdam (NL)

Spatial design workshop Warping Spatial Narratives 

What is a nightclub without lights and stage design? How can light complement sound and make the experience stronger and more immersive? This workshop with Theresa Baumgartner focuses on developing artistic and technical skills for making stage scenography for live performances and DJ sets. She will join forces with workshop participants to conceptualise a spatial design for three club nights during the Sonic Acts Biennial: in Garage Noord, kanaal40, and OT301. The final session at Garage Noord will also be facilitated by Ben Kreukniet, as co-creative director. Kreukniet is a multidisciplinary visual artist and director based in Amsterdam, who will collaborate with Baumgartner and participants on the show design.

Theresa Baumgartner is a visual artist blurring the lines between AV performance and installation art, with an approach to stage design that is rooted in fine art and sculpture. She explores how spatial and light design can enhance the overall experience of the events and the dynamics of space in the context of nightlife culture. In the workshop, she will share her experience and knowledge on cooperating with venues and artists on a spatial design, while taking into account the site-specific opportunities of spaces, the overall biennial identity, and theme/technical requirements of line-ups.

The course is designed for young makers: visual artists, light designers, and spatial designers looking to expand their skills and explore the intersection of art and nightlife. This is an opportunity to gain practical experience with established venues and artists, as well as to train collaborative work in a club environment.

Some topics and themes that the workshop covers: How to conceptualise a general creative concept; developing software and hardware skills; creating and performing visual imagery and light environments, insights into different lighting and projection tools, sculptural elements; responding to the visual identity; learn to work with colour and animation techniques.

Practical Information

The workshop includes 7 meetings from 29 January to 24 February. It takes place online and in person at Garage Noord, kanaal40, and OT301 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


The workshop is open for up to 5 participants. The course is oriented towards people with interests in combining technology and spatial design. Skills in production software and hardware, scenography, video, and 3D sketching are recommended.

General admission costs €60 and €45 for students.

Transportation and accommodation are not included in the fee and should be organised by participants. Hospitality will be provided at the venues.

Submit your application by 8 January. We will contact the accepted participants in the week beginning 15 January. Selection criteria include statement of motivation, artistic portfolio, resume, and example of previous work.

The workshop is a collaboration between Paradiso and Sonic Acts,
and takes place as part of Sonic Acts Biennial 2024.

29 Jan – 24 Feb 2024
Amsterdam (NL)
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