Roy Claire Potter – New Sound Work

Roy Claire Potter – New Commissioned Work

Photo credit Petronelle Halvorsen

Roy Claire Potter developed a new work, commissioned by BEK and focused on CB (citizens band) radio use and culture. They spent time in and around Bergen , Norway meeting various local communities and collecting, recording and editing material for the piece

Titled after the effect that mountain bilberries have on digestion, this new performance by artist and writer Roy Claire Potter responds to the linguistic protocols of amateur shortwave radio cultures, and how making ‘contact’ – or QSO – is centred and differentiated from ordinary conversation. A sparsely arranged audio collage brings new and archival radio recordings together with modular synthesised sounds, and newly written spoken libretto that experiments with a narrative of fieldwork operations, to produce a jerky, inarticulate reflection on distressed or intense desires for communicative contact.

For the premiere of Sh*t Out Here Purple, Roy has produced a booklet of detachable drawings that riff on the counter-cultural tradition of Eyeball Cards, made and shared at in-person meetings during the 1980s by users of the then-illegal Citizens Broadcast radio in the United Kingdom.

Commissioned by BEK (2023)
World premiere at BEK in Bergen, Norway  (2024)

Bergen (NO)