Zoë Mc Pherson – Ambisonic Live Performance

Zoë Mc Pherson – Ambisonic Live Performance

Commissioned by

Photo credits Andrea Rojas

Elevate Festival is delighted to bring Zoë Mc Pherson back to Graz in 2024.
For the 2024 festival, Elevate commissioned a new ambisonic performance by Zoë Mc Pherson.

Mc Pherson’s artistic practice combines innovative music production, performance, sound design and DJing. Mc Pherson’s latest release is a collection of cybernetic dancefloor experiments that move between breakbeat rave and sci-fi space. In March she will present a specially adapted live set on the Ambisonic sound system of the Dom in Berg, which will be realized within the European Union project Re-Imagine Europe.

Commissioned by Elevate (2024)
World Premiere: Elevate Festival in Graz, Austria (2024)
This work is available for touring!
Contact for Presentations: arts@elevate.at




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