Elina Waage Mikalsen Borealis Microsite

Elina Waage Mikalsen Borealis Microsite

Borealis has published a microsite of Elina Waage Mikalsen.
Sea Sámi and Norwegian artist and musician Elina Waage Mikalsen is the Borealis Artist in Residence between 2022–2024.

Supported by the Borealis festival, Elina is developing a research, engagement and performance programme that explores the interaction of Sámi history, identity and erasure with experimental sound, music and listening practices. Asking the question “What is Sámi sonic experimentalism?” together we will explore who defines experimentalism, who is listening and how, and what frames define how we take part in listening? Far from building a definitive answer to these research questions, as a young Sámi woman with roots in Norway too, Elina will lead the discussion from her viewpoint and work collaboratively to invite different voices into our discussions, curation and audience engagement. Inspired by the legacy of the seminal Sámi artist, poet and musician Nils-Aslak Valkeapää / Áillohaš, Elina has begun mapping the different possibilities of sonic experimentation across Sápmi and will draw inspiration from global indigenous performance, listening and organising traditions.

If this is your first encounter with Sámi culture, Borealis has made a list to familiarise you with some basics.

Elina Waage at Borealis 2024

2024’s festival programme was developed together with Elina, which marks the first time the festival was programmed in collaboration with an artist. Together with her, Borealis presented a whole programme of experimental Sámi artists in a way that has never been done in Bergen before! Birgon Bierge – Gula! Márra! at Bergen Kjøtt was a whole evening of new sounds and performance rooted in Sámi culture, language an ways of being together. During daytime, the talks on the programme explored elements of indigenous Sámi listening cultures. Throughout the festival you could experience sound installations, both by Margrethe Pettersen at Jiennagoahti (Lyttegammen), and by Ánndaris Rimpi at Lydgalleriet. On the last day of the festival, Sámi artist Viktor Bomstad performed his concert for a swimming audience in Nordnes Sjøbad.

Sámi artists presented at the Borealis 2024 festival:
Elina Waage Mikalsen
Viktor Bomstad
Johan Sara Jr.
Ánndaris Rimpi
Margrethe Pettersen
Jalvvi Niillas Holmberg
Márja Karlsen
Liisa–Rávná Finbog
Jakop Janssønn
Gangere (Marita Isobel Solberg & Charlotte Bendiks)
Wimme Saari and Tapani Rinne
Issát Sámmol Hætta
Ellen Marie Bråthen Steen

Additionally, Elina world premiered her commission piece Stáinnarbánit – Wolffish teeth during Borealis 2024, together with weaver Márjá Karlsen and joiker Jalvvi Niillas Holmberg.

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