Anja Lauvdal Video Interview

Anja Lauvdal Video Interview

An exciting collaborative work A(mA)nja: From island to island by Anja Lauvdal and Manja Ristić has been presented at NEXT 2023.

This newly commissioned first electro-acoustic collaboration of two innovative musicians bridges two distinct avant-garde music practices: ecologically-informed sonic soundscapes with the freeform elements of improvised music. Underwater field recordings captured in the waters of Jadran sea form the basis of a fixed media composition by Manja Ristić, on top of which Anja Lauvdal is improvising in a live concert setting.

The artwork is commissioned by A4 together with INA GRM (FR) and KONTEJNER (HR), the video is produced by A4 as part of New Perspectives for Action, a project by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the European Union and supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council and Bratislava City Foundation.

09 Apr 2024


Bratislava (SK)

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