Felicia Chen a.k.a. Dis Fig Video Interview

Felicia Chen a.k.a. Dis Fig Video Interview

For Felicia Chen a.k.a. Dis Fig, risk and provocation is inseparable from the creative process.
Her concerts walk the thin line between personal sonic ritual and noise exorcism, such as the uncompromising echo on her acclaimed debut PURGE released by the New York label PTP. They equally carry marks of bass ruptures from her engagement with British post-dub veteran The Bug, whom you may have seen at NEXT 2017 (paired with Earth’s Dylan Carlson).

Chen explores her own vulnerability through an unembellished, physical sonic palette. Rough and dirty dub-infused and melancholic electronica, at times whispering naked vocals, at others shrill cries, are bare-bone honest in their sheer brutality. The flip side of this coin are Dis Fig’s DJ sets, which could be seen as controlled demolitions of conventions in their merge of genres, styles and moods.

The video is produced by A4 as part of New Perspectives for Action, a project by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the European Union and supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council and Bratislava City Foundation.
Video: Marek Bihúň & Michal Vasiľ of A4

10 Apr 2024


Bratislava (SK)

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