Borealis Festival 2024 – Sneak Peak of the Programme

Borealis Festival 2024 – Sneak Peak of the Programme

Borealis 2024 celebrates innovative experimental sound and music making from across Norway and Sápmi.

Sneak peak of the programme
The first artists include Signe Emmeluth, Viktor Bomstad, Elina Waage Mikalsen, Amber Ablett & Kim Myhr.

With commissioned pieces written for everything from 600 guitar strings to a flowing audience, 9 alto saxophones in close interaction to vocal, electronics and Sami weaving traditions, and a sound installation that themes fatherhood from the perspective of children of the African diaspora, there is a lot to look forward to!

Borealis 2024
Over 5 days, the festival bring together adventurous listeners in concert halls, on mountain tops, and in swimming pools to listen together. In collaboration with partners across the city, from Festplassen to Åsane, Borealis will be taking over venues, and bringing brand new commissioned work to Bergen audiences.

With exhibitions, family events, conversations and immersive sonic experiences Borealis opens up for different encounters with how art and music can help us explore the world around us. 2024’s festival is for the first time programmed in collaboration, this year with Sámi artist Elina Waage Mikalsen, bringing a whole programme of experimental Sámi artists together in a way that has never been done in Bergen before

Find out more about the festival on Borealis website. 

23 Jan 2024
Bergen (NO)
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