Elevate Festival 2024 Anniversary Edition

Elevate Festival 2024 – 20th Anniversary Edition

Elevate celebrates its 20th anniversary edition from 28 February to 3 March 2024, turning the city of Graz in Austria into a hotspot for contemporary festival culture.

The Elevate music programme offers a platform for creative development and creates connections between different musical genres, generations and cultures.

In the frames of Re-Imagine Europe, Elevate presents a variety of panel talks and performances:
More Tomorrow: Imagination and Solidarity for a Habitable Earth(Panel)
What’s Art got to do with it? (Panel)
We’re All Going To Die (Film)
AI vs. Democracy: Monsters, Monopolies, and Questions of Power (Panel)
Plus/Minus Democracy: A Global Perspective on Democratic Deficits (Panel)
(Western) Democracies Under Siege: Right-wing populism as a threat to democracy (Panel)
Performing Electronic Music – Workshop by Maya Shenfeld at Elevate 2024
Maya Shenfeld + Pedro Maia – Audiovisual show Under the Sun (originally co-commissioned by Semibreve and A4)

World premieres of works commissioned in the frames of Re-Imagine Europe:
Zoë Mc Pherson – Ambisonic Live Performance (Commissioned by Elevate)
Dorian Concept – Music for Elevators (Commissioned by Elevate)

29 Feb – 3 March 2024
Graz, Austria

Browse through the line-up and get the early bird tickets via Elevate website.

03 Dec 2024
Graz (AT)
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