Son[i]a #397 – Open-weather

Son[i]a #397 – Open-weather

Radio Web MACBA in conversation with researcher-designer Sophie Dyer and creative geographer Sasha Engelmann, who co-lead open-weather. 

Open-weather is a a collaborative project that revolves around imaging and imagining the Earth and its weather systems through experiments in amateur radio, open data and feminist tactics of sensing and séance.

Operating within a rich and diverse ecology of practices at the intersection of DIY technology, pedagogy and art, open-weather encompasses artworks, workshops and how-to guides, in which feminist principles are as important as the technicalities of antennas, software and laptops. The duo’s feminist approach to sensing and reading satellite imagery challenges dominant representations of Earth and the environment, bringing the body into play and complicating ideas of the weather beyond the meteorological.

In this two-voice podcast, speculative storytelling weaves through glitchy weather satellite transmissions in a dialogue tinged with the feminist meta-practices that run deep beneath Sophie and Sasha’s collective operations. Together, they talk about NOAA satellites, about building alliances and about weather literacy, occasionally interviewing each other as friends and guiding us through the generous network of feminist thinkers that informs their practice.

Conversation: Albert Tarrats and Anna Ramos. Script and sound production: Albert Tarrats. Voice over: Javiera Cadiz. Sounds from WDR recordings. Photo: Gemma Planell.

This podcast is part of New Perspectives for Action. A project by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the European Union. Coproduced by Sonic Acts.